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22.07.2013, 19:09
Inspired by "You can't stop rock'n'roll" - my 2nd tribute to AC/DC
Rock'n'Roll Is Above All
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Rock'n'Roll Is Above All is on a distinguished road
Rock'n'roll Is Freedom

Passing by the parks in a motor car,
Seeing people waking up after noisy night life.
Don't worry, there must be something in the end.
Something that will shake this sleepy land.

Hands up! Lay down!
Haha, it's not too easy to catch me.
Yes, I drove faster, but I'm sure it's bluster.
Blue coat, move on, don't hinder.
Rock'n'roll isn't a prison.

Rock'n'roll is freedom, it's a part of life.
If you're agree, you're on my side.
Rock'n'roll is freedom.
Rock'n'roll is freedom.
Rock'n'roll is freedom.
Now, it's your tide!

I don't need your stocks selling outside.
Nobody needs your music, it's sleaze and light.
Sticks, stones, curses are naught, you can't stop me.
Don't try to put me down, you can't top me.

That cuss caught a rhythm.
Everybody, tonight, you will all dance.
You'll forget about the time, you'll be at the high.
Nothing can be compared with that.
So, do you still think that rock is dead?


Write in comments what you think about it. Any language you like as long as it's English, Russian and French)

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