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13.07.2013, 03:19
My OWN Tribute To AC/DC (Song)
Rock'n'Roll Is Above All
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Rock'n'Roll Is Above All is on a distinguished road
Open this door and set me free.
For ten years I've been waiting for it.
Goodbye, today, I flee away.
Rock' n' roll can be a religion
But it can't be an obstruction.
It's hard, that's right, but you'll survive.

If you want it, you'll certainly get it.
There's no doubt, you can make it better.
Break with the past, tomorrow will be better.
Forget all, you'll certainly get it.

Spending time on music is great,
They wanted you to have an other fate.
But look at them now, they are totally down.
Nobody can stop you when you're here.
That makes'em cry and you laugh at their tears.
You were born to revive rock' n' roll.


You want freedom, we want freedom,
You can give it, you really need it.
You're trying to find the words... (I'll help you)

For Those About To Rock, We Salute You!!!!
(I salute, too)
Lynn Ray.

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ac/dc, rock, rock and roll

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