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08.06.2011, 01:07
Помогите расслышать несколько слов
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Помогите, пожалуйста. Может быть, кто-нибудь услышит. Я уже "заслушала" песню и не могу воспринимать текст. Если найдутся ещё и ошибки, буду только рада исправить.

We chatted for a little while
She has a disconcerting smile
He led me out across the floor
Almost as if we met before
It was as if my heart had conjured in
Beyond a practice ??????? law
I can’t help feeling something more

He struck an easy regal pose
Another conquest, I suppose
He seemed at first ????????? cold
She’s quite a flirt, or so I’m told
Still something happened down there on the floor
I have never been so sure
That I’m feeling something more

Much more
Than just one more romance
The time and circumstance
Has brought to me more than a fantasy
Than I can understand
Illusive, yet so close at hand
That I coding the undertow of being so
At last ready for something more.

Perhaps this fever in my heart
Is somehow real,
At least it’s something by
???????? or can feel

How I have waited for tonight
It feels so right
And worth waiting for
Yes, but it’s something more

Much more
Than one romantic dance
Than one brief stolen glance
And what might be if I were only free
And Heaven will allow
Much more than here and now
Oh, that has been more than a strongest win
That lives you up and let you sore
So you can explore something more

What will tonight have become
Perhaps a little something more
Мечты сбываются! Надо только верить!
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