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Поиск: Сообщения от: ms-cobra
Раздел: Английских песен 08.06.2013, 14:45
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Автор ms-cobra
The Maine - Forever Halloween

Альбом - Forever Halloween (2013)

Just this once
Just for now
You can be anything
In the world
Darlin' don't
You start to scream
It doesn't mean anything
It's make believe
Раздел: Английских песен 08.06.2013, 14:44
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Автор ms-cobra
(Переведено) The Maine - These Four Words

Альбом - Forever Halloween (2013)

I really should just go home
And play with myself
Better that than stay
And do something else
Cause we can't be friends that much I know
I wish it...
Раздел: Английских песен 08.06.2013, 14:44
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Автор ms-cobra
The Maine - F**ked Up Kids

Альбом - Forever Halloween (2013)

There's a crowd inside
Free in spirit
Nothing dazzling
In appearance
We do the best with
With what we have
No, no, no
Раздел: Английских песен 08.06.2013, 14:43
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Автор ms-cobra
(Переведено) The Maine - Sad Songs

Альбом - Forever Halloween (2013)

"I lost her in 1978"
He tells me then looks away
It's simple he loved her so
A tenderness you can't let go
He said
"Son you don't forget your first true...
Раздел: Английских песен 08.06.2013, 14:42
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Автор ms-cobra
The Maine - Kennedy Curse

Альбом - Forever Halloween (2013)

Oh this feels like the Kennedy Curse
And everything inside is dead
I'm on the fence about what feels worse
The one leaving or the one in bed

In a dream...
Раздел: Английских песен 08.06.2013, 14:41
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Автор ms-cobra
The Maine - Blood Red

Альбом - Forever Halloween

My, my, my
What fangs you have
Once upon a time
Your eyes were wide not dead
Then all the energy
Reversed the chemistry
Your blood it mixed with all the...
Раздел: Английских песен 08.06.2013, 14:39
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Автор ms-cobra
The Maine - Birthday In Los Angeles

Альбом - Forever Halloween (2013)

L.A. pick up the phone
I need to talk to you
Stop sleeping with my new friends
And all the old ones too
Remember when we met?
I thought you thought I...
Раздел: Английских песен 08.06.2013, 14:38
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Автор ms-cobra
The Maine - White Walls

Альбом - Forever Halloween (2013)

Here's to this breath
And the one I hope we take next
It hurts to know
The hardest part
It hasn't come yet

Oh please try
To remind me
Раздел: Английских песен 08.06.2013, 14:37
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Автор ms-cobra
The Maine - Run

Альбом - Forever Halloween (2013)

I wonder what you taste like
The salt within your skin
Evil rages inside
Now I'm hungry for blood again

The moon invites the madness
Brings out the...
Раздел: Английских песен 08.06.2013, 14:36
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Просмотров: 2,797
Автор ms-cobra
The Maine - Take What You Can Carry

Альбом - Forever Halloween (2013)

You get what you pay for
Unless you take a little more
What's the delay for?
Ain't nothing but a thunderstorm

Find a new angle
You and me we'll start...
Раздел: Английских песен 07.05.2013, 23:47
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Автор ms-cobra
The Maine - Love & Drugs

Альбом - Forever Halloween [2013]

Sophisticated mood swings
Manipulated daydreams
We’ve got champagne taste
But not enough money for the real thing
We’ve got flames in our veins
And just...
Раздел: Английских песен 16.04.2013, 13:11
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Автор ms-cobra
The Maine - Happy

Альбом - Forever Halloween (дата выхода - 4 июня 2013)

I don't think I
Am capable of
This teenage televised
Taping of love
But here is my guide
On how to be alone
Just act like a freak
Раздел: Английских песен 13.09.2012, 02:13
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Автор ms-cobra
The Maine - I Want You

Альбом - Good Love EP

I want you
Just the way you are
I want you ooh ooh ooh
Just the way you are

Just come on back to bed
Stay with me
Oh love you know it’s true
Раздел: Английских песен 13.09.2012, 02:09
Ответов: 1
Просмотров: 2,812
Автор ms-cobra
(Переведено) The Maine - I'm Leaving

Альбом - Good Love EP

Worse or better, I'm leaving
No more laughter, I mean it
You're broken, I promise
I'll miss you, I'm sorry
Worse or better, I'm leaving

If I run away I'll never look...
Раздел: Английских песен 13.09.2012, 02:05
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Просмотров: 2,711
Автор ms-cobra
The Maine - You'll Never Know

Альбом - Good Love EP

So don't, go on and waste my time
And don't, don't ever cross that line
If you don't, then you won't

You'll never know
Unless you take it there
You'll never know...
Раздел: Английских песен 13.09.2012, 01:59
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Просмотров: 3,159
Автор ms-cobra
The Maine - Goodbye

Альбом - Good Love EP

You've been searching for something
That you're never going to find
Look ahead to tomorrow
Kiss yesterday goodbye

All the wants vs. needs
I've been there, please...
Раздел: Английских песен 13.09.2012, 01:57
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Просмотров: 3,725
Автор ms-cobra
The Maine - Hello World

Альбом - Good Love EP

Hello world, hello sun
Man on the moon, man on the run
Hip shaking sound, lips moving slow
My whiskey straight
Your whiskey cold

And I said
Hello World
Раздел: Английских песен 13.09.2012, 01:55
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Просмотров: 2,952
Автор ms-cobra
The Maine - Good Love

Альбом - Good Love EP

Tossing coins
Down the wishing well
Don't fall in now
It leads straight to hell
I need you closer
Need you beside me
Good love will find me
Раздел: Английских песен 10.03.2012, 14:19
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Просмотров: 2,531
Автор ms-cobra
The Maine - One Pack Of Smokes

Альбом - Pioneer (бонус-трек)

I was dancing with the devil.
I was singing dirty songs.
Pouring whiskey from the bottle
‘Til the early break of dawn.

Oh, my gorgeous Arizona
Раздел: Английских песен 15.12.2011, 14:51
Ответов: 2
Просмотров: 3,159
Автор ms-cobra
(Переведено) The Maine - Take Me Dancing

Pioneer (B-Side)

Oh, a good man said, "if you're feeling dead,
You gotta try to find a way to be alive.
This is not a game that you have to play
Don't need a reason to breathe, just like...
Раздел: Английских песен 06.12.2011, 04:27
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Просмотров: 3,159
Автор ms-cobra
(Переведено) The Maine - Like We Did (Windows Down)

Pioneer [2011]

Tell me how to feel like we did
When we were young
You would take the wheel
Oh yeah we were on the run
I remember nights
We would sing till we saw the sun
Tell me how to...
Раздел: Английских песен 06.12.2011, 04:22
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Просмотров: 3,368
Автор ms-cobra
The Maine - Waiting For My Sun To Shine

Pioneer [2011]

Is this a waste of all my precious time
And could this chance that I take lead me to losing my mind.
As I step to the edge, I saw the water below.
Then I said to myself,...
Раздел: Английских песен 06.12.2011, 04:14
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Просмотров: 3,252
Автор ms-cobra
(Переведено) The Maine - While Listening To Rock & Roll

Pioneer [2011]

Turn it up, it's my song
I can't sing but I'll,I'll sing along
Yea I can feel it in my bones
A little rock, a little roll

Take it fast take it slow
Let me tell you...
Раздел: Английских песен 06.12.2011, 03:57
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Просмотров: 3,578
Автор ms-cobra
(Переведено) The Maine - Jenny

Pioneer [2011]
P.S. песня посвящена матери солиста - Дженни О'Каллаган

Before I go, please know I'm trying
Trying to be, a better man
Before I leave please don't get anrgy
Just dry your...
Раздел: Английских песен 06.12.2011, 03:50
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Просмотров: 3,784
Автор ms-cobra
(Переведено) The Maine - Thinking Of You

Pioneer [2011]

Went outside and saw the moon
And it made me think of you
Then the rain it came, and came
There you were inside my brain

I've been thinking of you-ooo
I've been thinking...
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